Legislation By The Mindless For The Mindless – BOGOFs

Over recent years I have been reluctant to listen to the radio in the morning, the endless media doom and gloom does not set me in the best mood to positively interact with demanding clients. I was driving to work through Wiltshire this morning, mentally preparing for a day in the stressful world of Defence procurement. It was sunny and the traffic was not too bad and don’t ask me why, but I thought I would see if the rest of the world was starting their day in the same upbeat mode as me.

bogofI turned on the radio in the car to hear a summary of the news and that Buy-one, get-one-free (BOGOF) offers could be banished from supermarket shelves under a government plan to reduce Britain’s food waste mountain.

In my view this is once again removing the responsibility from the individual. The modern inhabitant of this fine country have and are having, all responsibility for their own actions eroded. The result is becoming a ‘pass the blame’ culture. Whether Government Official or loyal subject, you hear their constant drippings over the issues they have and that nothing is being done for them and it is not their fault.

With BOGOFs I believe that businesses are doing what they do best – they are selling and helping the economy get back on its feet. The majority of the population in this country is significantly more intelligent than many of the current MPs that represent them, and do not need to be told how to live their lives.

My guess is that there are families that rely on BOGOFs to feed their larger families. Why is the answer always to apply a restriction? Does this knee jerk reaction not simply remove even more responsibility from the individual? Single person households are capable of deciding to buy one and not take the free one, or they could give it to a needy cause!

The modern consumer doesn’t care about the waste, because they are no longer responsible for their own actions and the cost to the individual is not immediate and therefore “invisible”; so why not make consumers pay for waste disposal by the volume? Ie reduce Council tax and pay by the amount of waste you wish removed.

Bring back the individual being responsibility for their decisions and actions. Give guidance not remove responsibility.

I am sure it must be me that is missing the point, and our Government must be have and will have thought it through fully.


One response to “Legislation By The Mindless For The Mindless – BOGOFs

  1. What gets us at Boggart Blog is the assumption that people who buy one to get one free don’t have the nous to use a freezer.

    Bogof Mr Brown

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